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Rebel Coding

I want Rebel Coding to be the go-to place for entry-level coding education.

Accessible, economical and enjoyable; with tangible results!

But first I need to make sure our first resource is of sufficient quality, and this is where you come in ... what follows is the Rebel Coding Two-Week WebDev Email Survey Course.

Over the course of 12 emails in 14 days we present our entire eight-step introduction to web development through HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Python.

This course will always be free (that's the economical part) with the optional payment of $4-7, when the audio portion gets updated; while the coupon will always remain.

Your choice - but if you're a current developer, I'd love YOUR feedback the most right now !!!

(I teach English to pay my bills, and while I aspire to move towards teaching this material; I'm thankful to be able to offer this product in this way. So as to both vet the product, and make sure it's always a fair exchange. So without any further adieu ... I present to you, Rebel Coding HTML to Python: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Beyond, the Email Course.)

Coding isn't difficult to learn; the difficult part is being consistent about studying and staying focused!

Rebel Coding solves these issues by centering our program around building tools that immediately serve you!

Our course provides a path, and a purpose, to help you learn, and discern, your options and opportunities in tech!

We walk you through the perimeter of the technology, and provide in-production exercises for hands-on experience, using web development as our initial portal into mechanics of the web and computer technologies.

What's included:

  • 12 Emails over 14 days

  • Coding Templates

  • Two Follow-up Emails

  • Audio MP3s (coming soon)


"Culture Clap breaks down difficult coding concepts and helps others learn no matter their skill level. He's a kind and patient teacher and storyteller. I feel like he's as much of a student as he is a teacher. Learning from him was an enjoyable experience." ~ Alicia

"Culture Clap is able to quickly pick up and adapt to new concepts, he is also able to break down these concepts and explain them easily for others to comprehend." ~ Ami

"Tired of the way most coding programs teach you? Check out this down to earth guide to coding! Get all you need to rapidly expand your ability to create websites, work on scripts, and run server side programs." ~ Chayton

"Culture Clap has a unique way of explaining the world of coding, giving a high-level overview of where there is to go, instead of just pushing ahead without a map. I highly recommend this approach, as I believe it aids the student in growing towards self-directed study." ~ Matt

Why is this course free?

Because learning should be accessible to everyone ~ the discount code is below ;)

Over the course of the emails, you'll learn about a few other projects I have; and you'll be given opportunities to get involved. 

You won't be put on any emailing lists, or receive any emails outside of those contained in this course.

I also want your feedback, the opportunity to continue a conversation, and to improve access to marketable skills: your feedback is incredible valuable!

Feel free to join the Discord server.

What's up with the For Founder option?

Whereas the base course offers information on finding a job within tech; this option provides information about NoCode/Low-Code options to build web applications and products. 

The For Job Seekers replaces this section with notes about building your network in tech, writing your resume, and developing showcase projects, etc.

What else is there?

The contents of this email course are built around an existing book that is in the process of being publicly written.

This email course is more of an accountability tool --- something to remind you every day or so for a two weeks to think about learning to code :)

Check out the crash-course if you'd like a full month of individualized support through twice weekly lectures, and weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Culture Clap.

Discount Code: rebelxcoder | Input an amount and click "I want this!", the next page will enable you to input the discount code.

  • E1: Welcome to Coding
  • E2: Shell Commands and Github
  • E3: HTML & CSS
  • E4: JavaScript
  • E5: Python & Web Scrapers
  • E6: The Full-Stack
  • E7: Servers
  • E8: Clients
  • E9: Linux & Deployment
  • E10: Breather and Review
  • E11a: For Job Seekers
  • E11b: For Founders
  • E12: Thank you
  • E13: 30 Day Check-in
  • E14: 60 Day Check-in
  • 5 Coding Templates


Rebel Coding

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